Something about a Yellow Wood?

I’m a renaissance woman (less kindly jack of all trades… you know… master of none); sewing, beading, cooking, painting, drawing, writing… (As per my groovy montage below)

My latest project is SO MAJOR that right off the bat I have given it it’s own category; starting down the path of self employment as a crafter via This path looks kind of treacherous, and there are many naysayers wearing their big sandwich boards of doom standing on the verge saying “The end is nigh – don’t you know how much work goes into a small business? Repent – you need a niche market!”. But these people have unwittingly engaged my contrary nature ala teen angst pangs of “you don’t know me!”

Also, my wonderful sister has been (on request) a brutally honest but (genuinely) supportive beacon of positivity. As such, with all the excitement of starting new things I come to document my journey. Along the way there will possibly be more detours than traveling, but apparently its not where you’re going, it’s how you get there…  I think I’m still on the same metaphor – I’m talking about starting a business while doing other creative stuff… Right?

** “Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost – I knew there was some literary reference about paths and a yellow wood. Ahh, google, is there anything you can’t do? **