A Sketchy Character

I’ve been preoccupied designing a makeover for my blog, creating the look I want on photoshop then asking my lovely boyfriend to code it for me (it’s nearly ready for le grande launch… I mean upload…).

As a homage to the dedicated coder and a segue into espousing the joy of idle sketching, I’ve added some sketches I’ve done of John.

I love idle sketching; its my creative form of instant gratification. It either looks right (what I imagined drawing in my head) or it looks wrong (what that image might look like in a funhouse mirror… a tarnished one… with cracks in it).

One of my favourite sketching materials is thick white paper and an inky pen like a uni-ball. It doesn’t leave much room for error, which is good. If I know I can fix something up I can obsess over a tiny detail for an hour on something that was meant to take five minutes.

Oil pastel is good that way too – once you’ve made a line it’s really difficult to change. I also love the waxy feel, the sharp smell and vibrant colour of oil pastels and I forget to use them otherwise.

I sketched the most when I needed a release valve during an intense period of my life; drawing meant that I could express emotions that felt beyond explanation or even comprehension.

Now more and more I’m remembering to come back to sketching for pleasure. But don’t worry, there will be no more boyfriend pictures… Maybe I’ll get a cat to sketch instead!

(I do actually do have some sketches of my parents’ cats… It would fit in with my embarrassing obsession with I Can Has Cheezburger)

It Ain’t Begun Till the Tall Man Springs

Handmade is my MO for Christmas – it means I don’t have to share shops with holiday crazed shoppers. Food is usually my gift of choice, but I wanted to make something a little more personal for my partner.

Handmade for boys is usually a little more difficult, especially when you’ve already gifted the intended ‘him’ with handiworks from scarves to wall hangings. So, boy stop-gap; I designed a t-shirt. My partner is 6’7″ and you would not believe (or perhaps you would) how many people comment on it when they meet him, much to his chagrin. With inspiration from the sometimes shocking, (almost) always funny Cyanide and Happiness I thought I draw something pertinent to John.

As the creative spirit fits in with my blog but the style… not so much, I thought I’d give it its own category with its own look. So, voila, my new category Un PC (Ha! You know, Phoebe C – PC – politically correct – not politically… Never mind, just another Dad-style pun), a category for who or what has made me laugh, roll my eyes or grind my teeth immortalised in the noble tradition of comic form. Watch out world… I’m ready to draw…

I’m Ba-ack!

I’m not a big fan of the New Year equals a fresh start hoo ha, mostly because I use tomorrow/next week/next year fresh starts as an excuse to delay diets, housework and other things on the ‘should but don’t really want to’ list. But I’m in the peculiar position of an enforced new beginning – I’ve completed my Bachelor of Arts (YAY! WOO HOO! WOOT WOOT!) and my 2010 job has finished.

Now I’m back from a wonderful if exhausting family Christmas/New Year with an opportunity to focus on my craft free from distraction.

Finishing my BA meant I spent my festive season being bombarded by the dreaded question; “So now what are you going to do with your degree/career/WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE?” Teacher, administrator, butcher, baker, candlestick maker… I think my difficulty choosing a ‘career’ is because in my heart I want, I need, to give Phoebe C. a proper go.

So I’ve blocked out my time until my personal day of reckoning, the 28th of February, to brainstorm, prototype and produce. Then, a market stall and le grande launch of Phoebe C. on etsy.com. That also means lots more to blog.

For now I’m leaving a mini montage (could be worse, at least its not a vocal montage performed to interpretive dance) of what I’ve been up to since I last posted something creative.

Please do come back soon, there’s a lot more to come.