An Accidental Sabbatical

About a month ago, I was getting ready to sit at my computer to write THE BEST BLOG POST EVAH, along with researching the final stage of my plan for world peace and putting the finishing touches on my design for a car powered by positive thinking.

Then, disaster. No internet. No internet, as it turned out, for a month; a whole entire month with no blog, no email, no funny pictures of cats.

After a cavalcade of tradies coming though to decide who’s responsible, the cable that caused all the problems has finally been replaced. Hooray!

I have been busy though, possibly more so with out the procrastinatory (my dictionary says that’s a real word) potential of the net. I’ve been experimenting with fabric jewellery and playing with Illustrator some more. Oh, and a bit of furniture DIY.

We’d been on the look out for bedside tables for over a year, making do with a little set of Ikea ply drawers sitting on the floor. Jazzing up what we already had seemed like the sensible solution to a never-ending search, so we sanded the finish off the drawers then painted them in a gloss red with chrome legs for a fun retro-esque feel. The chrome legs I’d imagined were difficult to track down in the real world – we ended up using door stops.

I’m now happy with this corner of our bedroom. Quarter of the way there…