I Didn’t Die

Just in case you were wondering.

First, the good news. I actually have something products for sale! (Before you rush off to etsy to snap up these long foretold items, patience dear reader – more on that soon).

Also, I’ve found a career path I’m excited about. And it’s not craft. It’s not even within the creative industry. It’s orthopedic massage  (just a fancy term to make massage sound less flaky). I’m eight months in and I love it. I love working with bodies. I love the anatomy lessons. God, I even love the cadaver lessons, though formaldehyde is not science’s most appealing perfume.

Now, the other news.

I started this blog with a plan to run a craft business. Over the years, I have had occasional spurts of activity in that direction. But something always seemed to get in the way. This last year, it’s been serious illnesses in my family.

So, what’s the news? I don’t want to have a craft business.

But I do want to make things. I love the process of creating something new, but repeating the feat? No so much. Instead, I’ve shifted focus to design. Popcorn November is the new name of Phoebe-made and I’ve got five pun-inspired T-Shirt designs up on Redbubble actually available for sale!

Phoebe C the blog is going to shift focus a little. The appreciation of beautiful things (natural, manmade or DIY) and good food will stay but maybe more focus on things other people have made as well. However, these will become part of a larger focus on matching the importance of an aestheric external world with an internal one.

Phoebe C on etsy will be for the sale of excess crafting supplies – so beads and probably some fabric parcels later down the track.

In the meantime, the spirit of Phoebe C. remains almost the same; make, feel, appreciate, eat cake.