About Me

I come from a valley in the foothills of Mount Wellington in Tasmania, Australia. I grew up making fairy houses from the yellow mud on the banks of our dam, or making wombat caves from the white clay left overs from my mum’s ceramics. Holidays were full of colour; my grandmother’s Mexican masks in her glossy wooden ballroom, tiny white shells on the creamy beach against the bright sea, green satin flares in the dress up box.

Back in the ol scorcher summer of ’06 I moved to the big smoke: Melbourne, the city of inflated rentals and body corporate rules that say I can’t have a cat.

I’m a bit of a lothario when it comes to making things; sewing, cooking, painting, drawing, writing, gluing… loyal to none. I even made an outdoor bench seat once (admittedly very “rustic” with a lot of assistance from my partner and his father). This blog reflects my tension between wanting to do a bit of everything, man, and the desire to make things ORGANISED and DECIDED and other forceful words which should be written in CAPITALS.

So the uniting ethos of Phoebe C? Make, use, appreciate. Eat cake.

4 Responses to “About Me”

  • Comment from Barbara

    I love your site and your style! Excellent! I was looking for a way to subscribe. Do you have an RSS button I didn’t find?
    …..til the tye dyes!

    • Comment from Phoebe

      Hi Barbara; thank you for visiting and for your lovely comment! I have now added an RSS subscription button to the bottom of my menu – thanks for asking!

  • Comment from Barbara Z

    Cool! I am now a subscriber. Amazing we communicate so quickly! People usually drag things out a bit with emails.

    I want to see you do some more ART! I’ll browse a bit more. You and I have a lot in common… I now say: “Jack of all trades, master of AlL!” You gotta be if you’re an artist in these times.

    Happy Blogging!

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