Man Says to Dog: Make Like a Tree and Bark

I know I’ve posted more than a few nature photos recently, but I’ve been lucky enough to get plenty of me-on-tree time (in a nondendrophiliac way – geez, nobody understands platonic friendship anymore…) over the last few months.

This time, instead of the cool and damp mountains of Tasmania, I’ve been up to dryer central Victoria.

There, amongst the orange dirt, grey boulders and slender muted gums, you can find the most amazing microscapes of moss, lichen and tiny plants

John and I were visiting his parents who, like my parents a whole state and strait away, have a large bush block also with (weirdly enough) a rusting car out over the ridge…

Nice spider web huh? Well, there are more of the webs everywhere, complete with big fat spiders.

There were other minibeasts too; ones without huge hairy legs and who refrained from jumping at my face when I got too close with the camera.

Back in the grey city, sometimes I think about moving to place where trees come in forests, not as lone straggly reminders that out there, somewhere, are places where you can’t hear your neighbours playing chopsticks on an electric piano.

But then where would I get a good coffee? Tree-hugger out.


Farewell Mount Field

I’m back in Melbourne, refreshed and ready to get started on some products. But I do miss good ol’ Tassie, especially after a beautiful walk up Mount Field on Monday. I took so many photos – picking the images for this post was my very own Sophie’s choice… Ok, maybe I exaggerate. But only a little.

A Tasmania Break

I’ve run away from the city for the week to stay with my parents in their green mountain valley hideaway. I’m so excited it’s cold enough for wood fires and thermals. Ah, the genuine (freezing) Tassie experience.

I brought the new camera down (now that I know how to use one or two of the buttons) and have spent a very relaxing two days photographing mushrooms. And a car.

Mm, I think it’s time for a hot chocolate. Then maybe I might go photograph some lichen; another day of life in the fast lane.



I’m finding it hard to keep my head above the rushing waters of life at the moment. I’m procrastinating, wishing I was relaxing at a favourite soul spot; my mum and aunts’ shared block on the north-east coast of my beloved birth state Tasmania.

Back to your essay Phoebe, back to your essay…