Gone Frisson

Erm, this week’s post is a little (a lot) late. I wanted to do a craft/product post, but that required actually doing something craft/product related and in Phoebe language “required” translates into “YOU-CAN’T-MAKE-ME!!!!”…

So… instead of sewing I revisited an old project; a comic I abandoned after running into some difficulty with writing dialogue. I hate writing dialogue – funny because I have no problems dialogue-ing aloud, in fact I’ve been told I dialogue too much.

Anyhoo, my cousin dropped in while I was photoshopping afore mentioned comic and resolved my 3-year-old problem in two seconds by asking “Why don’t you do it without dialogue?”.

Thus newly inspired, I did some new drawings, rejigged the layout and played around a lot in photoshop. And voila! Click on the cover image to download the PDF of Part 1 (its only three pages and about 500k – so clearly I’ve been really productive).

Part 2 is under way and I’ve actually got a plan, you know, written down. With one project moving on, I’ve felt inspired to chose something to sew and start sewing said something: a patchwork scarf in blue fabrics as a gift as well as a prototype for a Phoebe C product.

Yay! Progress!

It Ain’t Begun Till the Tall Man Springs

Handmade is my MO for Christmas – it means I don’t have to share shops with holiday crazed shoppers. Food is usually my gift of choice, but I wanted to make something a little more personal for my partner.

Handmade for boys is usually a little more difficult, especially when you’ve already gifted the intended ‘him’ with handiworks from scarves to wall hangings. So, boy stop-gap; I designed a t-shirt. My partner is 6’7″ and you would not believe (or perhaps you would) how many people comment on it when they meet him, much to his chagrin. With inspiration from the sometimes shocking, (almost) always funny Cyanide and Happiness I thought I draw something pertinent to John.

As the creative spirit fits in with my blog but the style… not so much, I thought I’d give it its own category with its own look. So, voila, my new category Un PC (Ha! You know, Phoebe C – PC – politically correct – not politically… Never mind, just another Dad-style pun), a category for who or what has made me laugh, roll my eyes or grind my teeth immortalised in the noble tradition of comic form. Watch out world… I’m ready to draw…