Fanfare Please…

Hooray! My new wordpress theme is here!

After three long months I returned to my blog ready to post on everything from Lolita to origami gift boxes but alas, I’d grown unaccustomed to its interface. It didn’t seem as streamlined, as attractive as it had in our first heady days of blogdom.

But proprietorship compromised impartiality and I couldn’t decide how I wanted to spiff the ol’ blog up. So I revisited blogs that addicted me on sight (or should I say site… eh? Eh?) – a great excuse to spend hours on blogs like Sea of Shoes, Ink & Spindle and the delicious looking Smitten Kitchen. What do they all have in common? White backgrounds, white menus, white, white, white then BAM! Gorgeous colour images hogging all the attention (which they deserve – AMAZING photos on all of them).

Minimalism is not quite my style though (I look terrible in white). I wanted those clean lines, but I also wanted the vibrant colours and rich textures that got me addicted to art, craft and beautiful things in the first place.

So now for the design process, an actual montage! You’ll just have to imagine Eye of the Tiger playing for the genuine montage experience.

Also, I learnt how to make an animated gif! Saturday well spent…

***A huge thank you and eternal gratitude for my partner John who coded everything for me, then labelled it all so I could tinker with border colours in css code for hours… Hours…***

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