Fanfare Please…

Hooray! My new wordpress theme is here!

After three long months I returned to my blog ready to post on everything from Lolita to origami gift boxes but alas, I’d grown unaccustomed to its interface. It didn’t seem as streamlined, as attractive as it had in our first heady days of blogdom.

But proprietorship compromised impartiality and I couldn’t decide how I wanted to spiff the ol’ blog up. So I revisited blogs that addicted me on sight (or should I say site… eh? Eh?) – a great excuse to spend hours on blogs like Sea of Shoes, Ink & Spindle and the delicious looking Smitten Kitchen. What do they all have in common? White backgrounds, white menus, white, white, white then BAM! Gorgeous colour images hogging all the attention (which they deserve – AMAZING photos on all of them).

Minimalism is not quite my style though (I look terrible in white). I wanted those clean lines, but I also wanted the vibrant colours and rich textures that got me addicted to art, craft and beautiful things in the first place.

So now for the design process, an actual montage! You’ll just have to imagine Eye of the Tiger playing for the genuine montage experience.

Also, I learnt how to make an animated gif! Saturday well spent…

***A huge thank you and eternal gratitude for my partner John who coded everything for me, then labelled it all so I could tinker with border colours in css code for hours… Hours…***

I’m Ba-ack!

I’m not a big fan of the New Year equals a fresh start hoo ha, mostly because I use tomorrow/next week/next year fresh starts as an excuse to delay diets, housework and other things on the ‘should but don’t really want to’ list. But I’m in the peculiar position of an enforced new beginning – I’ve completed my Bachelor of Arts (YAY! WOO HOO! WOOT WOOT!) and my 2010 job has finished.

Now I’m back from a wonderful if exhausting family Christmas/New Year with an opportunity to focus on my craft free from distraction.

Finishing my BA meant I spent my festive season being bombarded by the dreaded question; “So now what are you going to do with your degree/career/WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE?” Teacher, administrator, butcher, baker, candlestick maker… I think my difficulty choosing a ‘career’ is because in my heart I want, I need, to give Phoebe C. a proper go.

So I’ve blocked out my time until my personal day of reckoning, the 28th of February, to brainstorm, prototype and produce. Then, a market stall and le grande launch of Phoebe C. on That also means lots more to blog.

For now I’m leaving a mini montage (could be worse, at least its not a vocal montage performed to interpretive dance) of what I’ve been up to since I last posted something creative.

Please do come back soon, there’s a lot more to come.

Time Passes

My blog, newly come into the world wide web, has seemingly been abandoned. But don’t call creative child services yet, my little project is nourished in the quiet space of the home.

That is, I’m working and with my last semester of uni (unless of course I decide I’m insane and wish to do honours) I’m prioritising study, then work, then rest which leaves little room for dedicated creativity. Not to say that I’m living the straight and narrow, but creativity has become a quiet thing in amongst the everyday.

So, I haven’t forgotten you, little blog. In the words of the Governator, I’ll be back… Not in an ominous way though.

Something about a Yellow Wood?

I’m a renaissance woman (less kindly jack of all trades… you know… master of none); sewing, beading, cooking, painting, drawing, writing… (As per my groovy montage below)

My latest project is SO MAJOR that right off the bat I have given it it’s own category; starting down the path of self employment as a crafter via This path looks kind of treacherous, and there are many naysayers wearing their big sandwich boards of doom standing on the verge saying “The end is nigh – don’t you know how much work goes into a small business? Repent – you need a niche market!”. But these people have unwittingly engaged my contrary nature ala teen angst pangs of “you don’t know me!”

Also, my wonderful sister has been (on request) a brutally honest but (genuinely) supportive beacon of positivity. As such, with all the excitement of starting new things I come to document my journey. Along the way there will possibly be more detours than traveling, but apparently its not where you’re going, it’s how you get there…  I think I’m still on the same metaphor – I’m talking about starting a business while doing other creative stuff… Right?

** “Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost – I knew there was some literary reference about paths and a yellow wood. Ahh, google, is there anything you can’t do? **