The Dog Ate My Real Drawings

What happened to Illustration Friday? Well, last week there was the tart epic, then this week… erm… the dog ate my homework? Our family’s dearly departed Jack Russell actually did eat my homework once when I was a kid, so that’s actually a plausible excuse.

I did do some sketching, if off topic. I’ve been trying to think of an elevator pitch for my blog so when people ask me what it’s all about I don’t freeze up and accidentally use the deadly phrase “creative living”. Enter the business card (or a Moo Mini Card) to circumvent such faux pas. I just need to choose something that will fit into that tiny space yet say something relevant, engaging and un-twee.

One idea was to illustrate my ‘about’; make, use, appreciate. I did some quick pencil sketches, went over them with an inky pen, scanned them in, then photoshopped in my branding fabric as a texture. I don’t think I’ll end up using them for anything, but they were fun to make.




On a more constructive front, I’ve started some drawings for another project that will hopefully end up on my (currently) hypothetical market stall. I’ll keep you posted (ha – accidental pun!).