Gone Frisson

Erm, this week’s post is a little (a lot) late. I wanted to do a craft/product post, but that required actually doing something craft/product related and in Phoebe language “required” translates into “YOU-CAN’T-MAKE-ME!!!!”…

So… instead of sewing I revisited an old project; a comic I abandoned after running into some difficulty with writing dialogue. I hate writing dialogue – funny because I have no problems dialogue-ing aloud, in fact I’ve been told I dialogue too much.

Anyhoo, my cousin dropped in while I was photoshopping afore mentioned comic and resolved my 3-year-old problem in two seconds by asking “Why don’t you do it without dialogue?”.

Thus newly inspired, I did some new drawings, rejigged the layout and played around a lot in photoshop. And voila! Click on the cover image to download the PDF of Part 1 (its only three pages and about 500k – so clearly I’ve been really productive).

Part 2 is under way and I’ve actually got a plan, you know, written down. With one project moving on, I’ve felt inspired to chose something to sew and start sewing said something: a patchwork scarf in blue fabrics as a gift as well as a prototype for a Phoebe C product.

Yay! Progress!