Swanning About

Busy week. In addition to contemplating the possibility I have no future (not the scheduled apocalypse – a more garden variety quarter life crisis), working a strenuous two days a week doing admin and managing a Battlestar Galactica addiction, I’ve been learning how to use Illustrator. Who knew Photoshop couldn’t do everything?

I love the clean lines you get using Illustrator; it has a much more graphic look, which I figure will be useful when I’m designing new stencils. So, back to the computer to play around some more…

I now dream in anchor points.

Plastic Fantastic

I’ve been doing a resin jewellery course for the last 5 weeks and the most pressing impresison I’ve come out with is that I won’t be able to do this stuff myself until I have a shed.

My workshop space is sadly limited in the apartment I rent with my boyfriend. As I insist on keeping my ‘own’ room (it’s so I can have my ‘own’ mess) I only have one end of my room to dedicate to making things. I love still having my own space, I just don’t like the idea of sharing my retreat with noxious fumes of setting plastics.

Anyway, until I can afford and/or find a shed or studio space, I can still dream… The photo is a very raw beginning from class.

Although this bangle needs some work on the edges (they’re still sharp enough to make my jewellery a truly painful experience), I like the idea of using resin as solid water. I love the sea and I’ve seen some interesting and quirky uses of resin to create beachy pieces, like this ring by Etsy seller Auka.

At the moment, if I wear it I look like I’m accessorising with a roll of packing tape, but the idea’s there.