Plastic Fantastic

I’ve been doing a resin jewellery course for the last 5 weeks and the most pressing impresison I’ve come out with is that I won’t be able to do this stuff myself until I have a shed.

My workshop space is sadly limited in the apartment I rent with my boyfriend. As I insist on keeping my ‘own’ room (it’s so I can have my ‘own’ mess) I only have one end of my room to dedicate to making things. I love still having my own space, I just don’t like the idea of sharing my retreat with noxious fumes of setting plastics.

Anyway, until I can afford and/or find a shed or studio space, I can still dream… The photo is a very raw beginning from class.

Although this bangle needs some work on the edges (they’re still sharp enough to make my jewellery a truly painful experience), I like the idea of using resin as solid water. I love the sea and I’ve seen some interesting and quirky uses of resin to create beachy pieces, like this ring by Etsy seller Auka.

At the moment, if I wear it I look like I’m accessorising with a roll of packing tape, but the idea’s there.

And So It Begins

I have a bit more clarity around products and business image for Etsy after an informal business meeting (ie ‘Are you free for chat and cake at my place?’) with my wonderful sister Bec.

I was planning on making the bead necklaces I’ve been making on and off for family and friends, using beads in my eclectic and embarrassingly large collection. I made the first necklace back in ol ’04 for a fellow jewellery junkie, then improved the design through successive versions and repairs when the prototype ‘fell through’ so to speak.

I photoshopped the first picture when I first started using the program… Needless to say both my necklaces and photoshop skills have improved with practice.

After some impromptu market research Bec and I both saw an overpopulated and often overpriced market. Items that pop out on Esty are things that nonchalantly murmur Indie Craft and my necklaces just didn’t have enough of those beautiful handmade touches. So they’re on the backburner until I can personalise them a bit with some Indie-style detailing.

In the mean time, Bec has reminded me of a top I recently made from a wide ring of jersey left over from when I shortened a dress. The top is comfortable, versatile and a simple design. So, I’m planning to make them from bamboo jersey for an eco-friendly option with a beautiful soft texture. Then, to use up my vast horde of fabric (did I mention I’m also a dedicated fabric junkie?), I’m hoping to design some fabric belts – probably towards a modern obi style – to go with the tops.

Right then, I’m off to do some research on fabric wholesalers (sigh) and belt designs (yay!).