Swanning About

Busy week. In addition to contemplating the possibility I have no future (not the scheduled apocalypse – a more garden variety quarter life crisis), working a strenuous two days a week doing admin and managing a Battlestar Galactica addiction, I’ve been learning how to use Illustrator. Who knew Photoshop couldn’t do everything?

I love the clean lines you get using Illustrator; it has a much more graphic look, which I figure will be useful when I’m designing new stencils. So, back to the computer to play around some more…

I now dream in anchor points.

4 Responses to “Swanning About”

  • Comment from Rebecca

    Ooh – I love the echidna – can’t believe you came up with that after only a few lessons! Love the textures, the lines, gorgeous. The water effect on the swans is really effective too. 🙂

    • Comment from Phoebe

      Thankfully after using Indesign and Photoshop the interfaces are similar enough to give me a head start in Illustrator – though I did export back to good ol’ Photoshop to do the rock texture. The water in the swan image is actually based on a ukiyo-e image, but I thought that was too la-de-dah to mention in the post itself!

  • Comment from Sholtavich

    you must have a wicked teacher… like the swans 🙂

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